Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for Wrongful Termination

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January 4, 2021
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Corporate Lawyer and her business client passing a clipboard
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January 4, 2021
Corporate Lawyer and her business client passing a clipboard
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January 18, 2021

COVID-19 has had a terrible impact on the world at large, and even if it hasn’t been something that made you personally sick, it might be that you have still felt the negative implications of it – many people have lost their jobs due to companies choosing to terminate positions or because employees were unable to work within the current restrictions.

Although not every termination will have been an unlawful one, some certainly will have been, and if you think you have grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit, it’s crucial that you speak with an employment lawyer as soon as possible. Gaining justice after a wrongful termination is important, and it’s always best to have an expert with you when you begin your claim; read on to find out what benefits hiring a lawyer for wrongful termination due to COVID layoffs will bring you.

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Legal Expertise

In any kind of legal case, the experience that a dedicated lawyer will bring that is of the greatest benefit. Hiring a firm because they have worked on cases similar to your own in the past is one of the best things you can do – these lawyers will know the latest decisions and changes in employment law and will be able to seek appropriate compensation for you.

On top of that, if your lawyer has worked on a case like yours in the past, they are likely to know the lawyer your former employer hires. Employment law is a subset of litigation with a smaller number of lawyers focused on it. One of these employment focused lawyers will be best placed to offer additional help and guidance.

Interpret The Law

If you try to go up against your former employer yourself to negotiate a settlement because you feel you were unfairly dismissed, you may find that you are both interpreting the same contractual language in a different way. One of you will believe it helps their case, and the other believes it will be of benefit to them. This can complicate matters and hold up any kind of resolution.

With a knowledgeable employment law lawyer on your side interpreting the contract and arguing your position correctly will assist in ensuring that money is not left on the table. There are some complicated nuances involved in employment law. You want to have a the best chance at obtaining the result you are looking for and hiring a lawyer for wrongful termination is your best option.

Find Evidence

A good wrongful termination lawyer will need to look through a vast number of different documents in order to obtain evidence regarding your case. They will know what is pertinent, and what can be discarded.

In addition to this, your lawyer will be able to assisting bringing any necessary witnesses or expert witnesses together to testify on your claim. 

File Applications

Sometimes employers will make untrue allegations about ex-employees who are seeing compensation for wrongful termination. These statements can have a damaging effect on someone’s reputation, potentially making it hard for them to find more work. A lawyer who also has experience in dealing with defamation will be able to recommend if filing an application to prevent this from happening is appropriate for you.

File Summary Judgments

When a summary judgment application is filed, the court will be asked to determine whether the legal issues in dispute can be resolved without a trial. If so, your employment dispute might be resolved in a simpler and more efficient manner, bringing and end to the conflict as soon as possible. The law on summary judgments has been changing rapidly over the last few years and you want to ensure that your lawyer is familiar with these changes. A successful summary judgment application will focus on the main question at the heart of your dispute rather than the plethora of other arguments that can arise and distract from the real issue of determining how much compensation you are owed.

Get Attention

The difference between communication from the ex-employee and communication from the ex-employee’s lawyer is stark. Even if both are well-written and articulate, the employer is much more likely to pay attention to the communication that comes from a qualified, experienced lawyer rather than from their employee whom they know is unhappy at the fact that they were let go.

Even if this seems unfair, and even if the information presented would have been the same in both sets of communication, if you want your claim to have a better chance of success and to be taken more seriously, using a wrongful termination lawyer ensures that your message cuts through the noise and gets the attention it deserves.

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Assess Your Financial Loss

If you are claiming for wrongful termination, you will need to know what damages you have suffered as a result of that termination. This will include lost pay and benefits, but it may also include your emotional distress as well as any other punitive damages if your wrongful termination was carried out in a disrespectful manner.

Although some of your damages are straightforward to calculate, some elements of your claim will be much harder to assess. An experienced wrongful termination lawyer will have the skills and knowledge necessary to determine just what financial loss you have suffered.

Your Employer Will Have One

Even if nothing else on this list has convinced you that a wrongful termination lawyer is essential to help you with your case against your employer, the very fact that your employer is sure to have hired one to assist them should be reason enough.

By having a lawyer on your side, you can ensure that your claim is being heard on a level playing field and that you’re not persuaded into agreeing to anything that you’re not happy with. Your former employer’s lawyer does not have your interested in mind. Letting the two lawyers discuss the case together, each being biased to their client’s interest and knowledgeable about what is relevant, is the ideal way to insure a proper outcome is reached and being well represented will prevent you from being at a disadvantage.

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COVID-19 has left the world a very different place than it ever was before, and even if you had thought your job to be a secure one, COVID layoffs are very real, and could easily have affected you, resulting in leaving you worse off and in financial difficulties.

Contact Baker Law Firm today to discuss your options. As an experienced employment law firm in Calgary, we have dealt with many people in your same situation. We can help you through this difficult time. By engaging Baker Law Firm to assist with your employment matter you can be sure that you are hiring professionals who have their clients’ best interests at heart. We strive to be approachable and effective. Let us put our experience to work for you. 

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