Construction Law, Liens, and Prompt Payment

We help contractors get paid.


Construction Litigation:
- Builder's Lien Claims
- Priority Disputes between Creditors
- Deficiencies and Holdback Issues
- Construction Arbitration
- Home Warranty Claims
- Prompt Payment Adjudication

Construction Contracts:
- Dispute Resolution
- Milestone Payments
- Indemnity for Legal Fees
- Waiver of Liability
- Right to sub-contract
- Commercial Interest Rates


We act for Trades and Contractors

Construction is a highly skilled industry with a lot of complexity and risk. You do great work and you deserve to be paid for it. We help general contractors and sub-contractors with the issues that can and do arise frequently when working on construction projects. Whether the issue is large or small we are here to help industry professionals run their business smoothly and without painful interruptions. 

We help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Other Practice Areas

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