Corporate & Securities Law

Practical advice for business.

Areas of focus:
Employment Law and Litigation:
- Employment Agreements
- Independent Contractor Agreements
- Employee Terminations
- Wrongful Dismissal
- Workplace Abuse and Harassment

Corporate Law:
- Contracts
- Sales Agreements
- Purchase and Sale of Business
- Incorporation
- Special Resolutions
- Annual General Meetings and Special Meetings
- Proxy Matters
- Privacy Law, Trademarks and Trade Names
- Minute books and Directors Resolutions

Securities Law
- Share Sales
- Share Transfers
- Stock Option Agreements
- Exempt Market Offerings:
     - Offering Memorandums
     - Private Placements
     - Equity Crowdfunding
- Professional Disciple Hearing under IIROC
- Appearances at ASC Hearings

Corporate Disputes
- Oppression Claims
- Derivative Actions
- Officer and Directors Liability matters
- Professional Negligence

Corporate & Securities Law

At Baker Law Firm, we can demystify the complicated web of regulations, legislation, municipal bylaws and common law for Alberta business owners. With an extensive experience working in the upstream oil and gas industry and at a securities issuers, the team at Baker Law Firm can offer insight into the practical legal issues of running a business that only another experienced entrepreneur would have. .

Baker Law is focused on helping your business succeed throughout all stages of the business cycle. From concept to incorporation, drafting standard contracts and employment agreements, raising capital and purchasing assets, and employee terminations through to succession and sale of your business, Baker Law Firm can assist at every stage

When business owners choose Baker Law Firm, they are choosing a team that understands their individual needs and capable of guiding them through the legal issues involved with running a business. The team at Baker Law Firm understands the complexity and nuances of business from experience and know the associated risks. Our team can offer practical advice to help ensure the overall success and prosperity of your business venture. Effective legal advice is key to helping your business grow and avoid the advising you on the most effect legal avenues available to achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1I want to accept investor money into my business. Where do I start?

There are many different ways in which corporations can accept investor funds. Many of these factors are business decisions as much as legal ones, and vary from business to business, stage of business and the interests of the investors.

Raising capital is a highly specialized area of law which Baker Law Firm is happy to assist you with. The act of seeking investment is a regulated act in Alberta and there can be serious consequences, including personal consequences for breaches of the regulations. If you are interested in advice on raising capital for your business contact Baker Law Firm and request a securities consultation.

2How do I protect my investment into my own small business?

Owners of companies are often the largest investor in terms of both time, equity and cash investment into their business. These investments are ordinarily unsecured and rank alongside or behind loans, trade credit or other liabilities of the business. Baker Law Firm can provide your business with a secured financing which often places your investment in your business ahead of all other liabilities of the business. We provide secured investment loans as a fixed fee service to clients at a rate of $1,500 or at a rate of $1,000 if done at the same time as we incorporate a new company for you.

3I want to incorporate a company. What is required and what does it cost?

Incorporating is a simple process, but there are several important considerations which Baker Law Firm can assist you with. We provide incorporations as a fixed fee service at a rate of $1,250 for a professionally done incorporation complete with authorizing resolutions, bylaws and other required documents prepared according to your needs. (link to custom drafted email requesting an incorporation.)

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Other Practice Areas

Business is hard enough without having to understand business law. Contact Baker Law now to discuss your corporate and securities law concerns.