Litigation & Dispute Resolution

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Areas of focus:
Commercial Disputes:
- Energy Litigation
- Fraud and Misrepresentation
- Contract Disputes
- Debt Claims
- Professional Negligence
- Construction Litigation
- Real Estate Litigation

Personal Litigation:
- Personal Injury
- Wrongful Death
- Defamation
- Directors Liability
- Malicious Prosecution
- Battery and Sexual Battery

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation is where the rubber meets the road in the legal world. It is where the law is put to direct use and where our clients can expect us to advocate for their best interests and best outcomes in a court of law. Litigation is our largest practice area at Baker Law Firm, and we pride ourselves in our skills as competent and practical advocates.

Our litigation practice is focused primarily on commercial disputes and areas of tort law. We deal with broken contracts, misrepresentations and fraud as well as many other matters involving material disputes over property or services. We can litigation in any industry and have experience in employment, energy, securities, commercial and retail services, agriculture and construction litigation.

Our personal practice of litigation is limited to several areas of tort law. We act on matter involving reputational harms, such as defamation and on bodily harm such as personal injury due to car accidents or physical assaults.

At Baker Law Firm we maintain an active court practice to ensure our advocacy skills are sharp for when our clients need them the most. Trust Baker Law Firm to be in your corner when you need us the most. If you have a matter which may be headed towards litigation contact us as soon as possible to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

1I’ve just been served with a lawsuit. What do I do next?

It is imperative to respond to a statement of claim as failure to do so can result in a judgment being entered against you. If you or your company has been served with a statement of claim contact our office immediately.

2I was unjustly terminated. How can I afford a lawyer with no income?

Employment litigation is a specialized area of law. At Baker Law Firm we have an active practice on behalf of employees who have been terminated. This is also an area where we consider acting on alternative fee arrangements. If you have been terminated and were not paid notice or enough notice contact Baker Law Firm for a consultation. Upon review of your matter we may offer to provide our services on a contingency arrangement.

3I purchased a business recently and it isn’t as promised. Do I have a claim?

Misrepresentation during the sale of a business can be actionable. Intentional misrepresentational by a seller may be fraud. If you have concerns that the business or asset you purchased is not what was promised to you, contact Baker Law Firm today to arrange for a consultation as to the appropriateness of filing a statement of claim in your circumstances.

4I have a dispute with my business partner and it’s a major problem. What are my options?

Many business partners wind up in disagreements from time to time. The options to deal with these disagreements vary widely depending on the structure of the business and the nature of the dispute. Baker Law Firm has experience with claims for shareholder oppression and for derivative actions along with many other forms of business disputes. Contact Baker Law Firm if you wish to discuss your concerns about an internal business issue.

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Other Practice Areas

Do you have an issue which involves the court? At Baker Law Firm it would be our privilege to represent you and advocate on your behalf. Contact us today.